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Her Majesty Mhysa Meera


Her Majesty Mhysa Meera has been an outstanding & loyal family dog since the day she came home. With her second litter this spring she has proven herself to be an INCREDIBLE mother. We could not be more proud to show off our foundation female & the puppies she produces.  Suspected to be Homozygous for Grey Brindle, “Meera” puts her signature silver mask on her puppies making them indisputably hers.  With Good hips, and color like this, there’s no denying she is the ultimate Mother of Beasts. 


Her Majesty Sorsha

Grey Brindle

Out of Her Majesty Mhysa Meera and By LV3M Blue Occhi, “Tilly’s” affectionate nature and astounding stature has granted her a place as a forever member of our pack.  With protective instincts beyond compare, she adores her people and would undoubtedly defend against all enemies if needed.  This female has the heart of a true mother, and we look forward to her future litters.  We look forward to her passing on her desirable Cane Corso temperament.

Here at Corso of the Knight we breed for more than just looks, it is our goal to breed dogs with excellent temperaments to make irreplaceable companions.  Contact us now to find out more about the adoption process.

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