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His Majesty Mötley

Modern Day Legends

Cane Corsos are a direct descendant of the Ancient world’s Molossian dogs.  The Molossians were indigenous of Ancient Greece. As the Roman Empire began to expand, the power, intelligence, and sheer presence of the Molossians caught the attention of the empire.  The Romans then brought the dogs back to Italy where they refined their breeding towards the modern day Italian Mastiff (Napoleon Mastiff) and the Cane Corso (also known as the Working Italian Mastiff).  As the Roman Empire expanded throughout Europe, these majestic canines traveled with the soldiers, protecting them as the slept, herding the cattle that fed the men, and a few select animals were even used in combat to carry boiling tar towards the enemy lines.  Due to their versatility, after the empire fell, many of these incredible beasts were scattered across the Italian country side and employed as diligent and helpful farm dogs.  With the industrialization of farming, the Cane Corso quickly approached extinction.  Thankfully, a group of people banded together, scouring the country side for the last remaining Corsos to revamp the breed, bringing them back from the edge of total loss.  Today, more and more people are enjoying and experiencing these amazing animals that were nearly lost to the world.  With instincts and intelligence nearly beyond compare, the Cane Corso is quickly rising in popularity.  This is not a breed for first time dog owners, but for the experienced handler, there is no denying the companionship brought forth by these Anicient Beasts is irrepressible.  Cane Corso translated means “body guard”, and there is no denying that you and your family will never feel safer, or more loved, than you will with this dog by your side.  Contact today to learn even more about this Ancient Breed.  

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